Student Work Examples

Throughout the course of this 3-year degree, students broaden their understanding in several different aspects of animation. We have selected a few of our classes to showcase, some of which are required and some which are not, but all which help our students become great designers and problem-solvers. Click on any of the courses below to view examples of student work in each class!

What students are saying:

“The BYU Animation program taught me to work, work, work, and iterate, iterate, iterate, until I could honestly be pleased with the results.”  -Steven Freebairn  (Alumnus)

“Animation is about passion and perseverance! This program takes a lot of time and a lot work, but when you love what you're doing the time flies and the results are so worth it. Plus we're making cartoons so how could we not love every second of it?”  -Alexa Poulton (Student)

“Something I honestly love about this program is that we have a culture of working together and not competing against each other. I love that we are able to sincerely be happy for another person’s internship, even if they got the internship we wanted. I also love that we can be open about critiques to each other, and most people are very receptive to those critiques because we know we’re just trying to help each other out. And I love that we’re not really taught so much as mentored so that we actually learn how to problem-solve on our own.”  -Miki Hansen (Student)

“The animation program taught me how to get along with everyone, keep learning, and work your butt off. And you BET it helped. I’m up to production speed 2 weeks into a 10 week trial period!”  -AJ Creek (Alumnus)

“The BYU faculty did very well with treating my ASL interpreters. They didn't look at me differently because of my Deafness, and that's something I really appreciated. I was on even grounds with other kids, and had to do the equal amount of work. I remember Cynthia telling me that I had to do a sound sequence... I have like severe profound super-duper 500% hearing loss, but she believed that I could do it. I did it. I think the best thing is that the professors have FAITH in each one of you.”  -Austin Balaich (Alumnus)

“The teaching method used by the animation faculty is hard and effective. The professors have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience which they share. They don’t hold your hand. They expect you to put in the required effort to learn. If they didn’t do this, and instead spoon fed, you would only be able to learn a fraction of what they have to offer. I’ve loved this teaching method, it’s helped me stretch and learn, plus it’s given me confidence and experience in developing skills and seeking answers on my own. This method enables students and fosters a culture of ingenuity and professionalism. I’m grateful for this and loved my time at BYU. We have the best professors!”  -Nathan Allen (Alumnus)