BYU Animation Facilities

1130 Talmage

The Talmage Building houses the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics, and Computer Science Departments, as well as the Office of Technology Operations. As part of the Computer Science Department, much of our equipment and facilities are located on the first and second floors of the Talmage Building. The main CG animation lab is located on the first floor in room 1130 and houses several high-speed computers with Cintiq monitors as well as a seven 88-core “monster machines” for heavy rendering (or other tasks that require heavy computing power). All computers in this lab come equipped with AutoDesk Maya, Side FX Houdini, The Foundry’s Mari, The Foundry’s Nuke, Pixologic’s Zbrush, Unreal Engine 4, Unity Game Engine, and various Adobe Creative Cloud products (most notably Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects). The machines run both Linux and Windows and are updated frequently with the latest versions of each software.


1110 Talmage (Animation Theater)

The Animation Theater serves as a classroom, meeting location for the Senior Film dailies, and a screening room. It is a theater-type room with a powerful projector and large screen in front for screening and teaching purposes. Most computer science animation classes meet here for instruction throughout the week.


2221 Talmage (Unreal Lab)

Located on the second floor of the Talmage, this animation lab is primarily for video game projects. It is essentially an extension of the main animation lab as it contains much of the same equipment and programs (with some few extra service packs and modifications added specifically for more fluid game production). This lab also contains an HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset, allowing students to test games and film environments using VR. The HTC Vive is property of Seth Holladay, the BYU Center For Animation faculty member that oversees the computer science portion of the program.


F-Wing Harris Fine Arts Center

The Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) houses the School of Music, Department of Theater and Media Arts, Department of Visual Arts, and Division of Design and Production. As part of the Design and Production division, the HFAC houses the visual arts portion of the Animation Program with studio space for illustration, storyboarding, and Theater & Media Arts (TMA) courses. F240 is the main space for animation majors specializing in 2D, as well as some Illustration majors. It contains several computers with Cintiq monitors, and there is a conveniently located print lab just across the hall at F234 for high-definition printing. All the computers in this lab run Windows and have programs such as TV Paint, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Harmony, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zbrush, Keyshot, and various other helpful tools for 2D artists. There is also a large flat-screen TV for large-scale viewing. Cintiq styluses may be borrowed in the print lab if needed during daytime hours.

F230  houses several computers with cintiq monitors and access to the same programs. This lab is generally used as a classroom for storyboarding and 2D animation classes. There is a projector for screening and classroom instruction use.