Student News

This page is here to give you a brief synopsis of A) the awesome stuff that's happening in the program, B) the awesome stuff that's happening out in the industry, and C) give you a heads up on any important announcements. 


Happening in the Program:

-Nokbak made it into E3! This is a very difficult thing to do, so we are definitely excited about this. Another victory for BYU!

-Taijitu, the film completed in 2016, was nominated for a Student Emmy! It didn't win, but it was in the top 3-- which in previous years would have meant that we won. They changed their winning system so that only one film can win a Student Emmy instead of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places they awarded in previous years. 

-Grendel, the current student film, is wrapping up production. Click here to read up more on it and to get involved with dailies.

-Beatboxer, the current senior game, is in production. Click here to read up more on it and get involved with dailies.


Happening in the Industry:

-The industry is hiring a lot right now, which is better than it has been in several years. There are still occasionally hiccups (such as Disney letting go of all their interns and apprentices because of a shelved project), but for the most part, we are in a good spot right now.

-For texture artists: Mari is becoming less of the industry standard and is becoming replaced with Substance Painter. If you are considering freelance, Substance Painter is currently much cheaper (around $180) than Mari (several thousand per license).


Heads Up:

-Recruiters are coming in earlier and earlier each year. Have your demo reels and web presence updated at the beginning and end of every year.