BEAT BOXERS: Another Winning Game at the E3 Competition

Beat Boxers is a music fighting game where players can fight with different moves based on the beat of the music. It was a challenging concept to bring to life, but it was nothing that the BYU Animation game team couldn't handle. They brought it from concept to gameplay beautifully and impressed E3 Expo judges, ultimately winning a competition at the world's largest annual gaming event.


Screenshot of Beat Boxers




Screenshot of Beat Boxers


Beat Boxer team photograph at E3 Expo


See the Interview with the Beat Boxer's director here:

And the news article published by BYU News:




Get Involved!

If you would like to get involved with next year's game, come on over! The Animation Program’s annual game projects exist to help students improve their skills no matter where they’re starting from. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we invite you to join the team!

To get involved, start by coming to dailies. (Dailies is a bi-weekly meeting in which progress is discussed, feedback is given, and assignments are made.) Dailies meeting times change based on class times and semester. Contact Seth Holladay at to find out when and where dailies is being held. 

We’re excited to work with you on the game! Working on a senior game is one of the best ways to increase your skills, figure out what you want to do in the industry, create demo-reel material, and network.