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Chris Harvey (Charvey)

Perswon test


I grew up smack in the middle of the country in Kansas, in the Kansas City metro area. Through a turn of fate I ended up living in Utah and studying at BYU. I graduated in 2003 and worked on Lemmings. Since graduating I've worked for Digital Domain, Dreamworks two times, Pixar two times and now Meta.

Favorite thing about BYU Animation:

I love that the students have to work hard together to succeed.

Favorite movie/game you worked on:

Trolls World Tour

What animated character you identify with the most?

Hiroka Betsuyaku. If you haven't seen the film Belle, Hiro isn't in the spotlight, she just makes things happen behind the scene.

Any advice for students getting ready to break in the industry?

Pour your heart into the work. It is your love and passion for it that will keep you going and learning.