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You've probably noticed by now that the people you worked with day by day, assignment through assignment, and one all-nighter after another are the people you remember the most. Keep those friendships strong and you'll be able to help each other out in the industry! Some ways you can do this is through LinkedIn and the BYU Animation Facebook page.

However, you might not be so familiar with people who graduated years before you or got into the program years after you. That's what this page is for. Below is a list of BYU Animation Alumni who have volunteered to put their names and contact info here. Knowing who's who and where they're working is the first step in the networking process. They might even turn out to be some great friends too!

As a final note, keep in touch with the faculty. When you get new jobs, have crazy experiences, or do some flat out awesome stuff, the faculty want to hear about it! (Especially Brent. Students DO continue to hear about you and your experiences long after graduation in Brent's class-time stories. You could become legendary, immortalized through Brent's stories...) Here's Brent's email for your convenience:

Keep being amazing out there, and keep changing the world for the better!



Who's working where

QUICK TIP: Try Ctrl+F searching for keywords to find the people who would be the best match for you. (i.e. "Rig" for rigs/rigging, or "light" for lighting, etc.) Good luck!

Ryan Barton- After the BYU program, my wife and I ended up in the Video Game VFX industry. Its a really ripe industry right now, and I'm happy to help students interested in video game VFX to get their foot in the door. I've worked on Guild Wars 2, Mortal Kombat X, Destiny, and am currently working in Virtual Reality for Oculus. Send me a facebook message or email me at and I'd be happy to take a look at realtime VFX portfolios.  Link to Facebook Profile

Joy Liberatore- I graduated from the BYU Animation program in 2015, after having worked on "Owned" and "Ram's Horn." I then moved to Anaheim, CA for a marketing internship for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary, which marked the 4th position I've held with Disney Parks and Resorts! I then moved to Culver City, CA to work in production and marketing at Sony Imageworks on "Storks" and "The Angry Birds Movie." I'm currently a QA Tester at Naughty Dog and worked primarily on "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy," and also update patches for "Uncharted" online multiplayer and "The Last of Us: Remastered." In my free time, I work on personal illustration projects, table at Salt Lake Comic Con, and I launched a successful Kickstarter back in 2016. If you have any questions about production, QA video game work, or working with Disney Parks and Resorts, please reach via LinkedIn or LinkedIn Profile

Rob Au- I am always to help students and alumni out where ever I can. I worked on Faux paw, noggin, der ostwind, and piñatas while attending BYU. I have worked in many capacities on many big VFX shows. Spent a large portion of my career at R&H in lighting, lookdev and environments. I worked for the LDS Motion picture studio for several years as a VFX Supervisor. I have worked at Method Studios and Pixomondo as an FX Artist/FX Supervisor. I currently live in Utah and travel for work. I am happy to talk about life in VFX while raising kids. How to get a good start at a new job. Look at reels. I love to help however I can. Email me at

Erik Hansen- I graduated with the "Grendel" group in 2018 and left to work at Disney as a Character TD (rigger). Feel free to contact me at! My wife Miki Hansen was also in the animation program as a lighter/compositor, if you need advice on composition, lighting, your portfolio, or online presence, she's a good one to ask. (

Abigail Grigg- My name is Abigail Grigg, and I graduated from BYU in 2016 after having worked on Boss Arena, Relic Hunter, and Vanguards! I studied a mix of animation and illustration classes during my time at BYU, which prepared me well for my current job. I currently work at Curious Media as a Generalist Illustrator! I do a variety of things including asset creation, concept design, vector, painting, 3D textures, and character design at my job. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

Morgan Rhys Gibbons- I'm Morgan, and i have done lots of stuff! Mostly story over about 12 years. My class did Xing, and I helped a little bit one some of the other films as well. I started on an animated TV series for Feature Films for Families in 2006 and have been story artist ever since. I have worked on a few feature films, live action and animated, ads, games, TV shows, commercials, and other projects. Some of my favorites were working at Disney Interactive - Salt Lake and for the LDS motion picture studio. Currently, I am a visual curriculum designer for an ed tech company, doing storyboards and managing illustrators for lessons. Email me at!

Lindsey Alvord-  I'm alumni, but I'm mostly freelancing right now. I at least interned at a game company called Serentiy Forge for a while, and did contract work with them, but since I've just been working with private clients. It works out! Find me on Facebook or visit my website, Link to Facebook

Matthew Eng- I’m Matt, I worked on Lemmings and graduated from BYU in 2003. I’ve worked on video games like Call of Duty, Madden, and other EA titles as a 3D artist, concept artist and visual designer. I now work at Hasbro in Rhode Island as an artist and art director on video games and electronic features of toys. I’d love to talk to students about concept design and development! You can use my contact info on my website (, add me on Facebook or Instagram and message me through any of those. Keep working hard, BYU’s reputation is growing with Hasbro! 

Taylor Eshelman- I'm Taylor, another Lemmings guy, worked in gamedev for almost a decade, fell out of it thanks to downsizing, playing Mr. Mom while looking at any other options. I have wrangled 8 successful product design Kickstarter campaigns, at least, and am quite happy to blather at length about that, being Mr. Mom, or working in gamedev. I've done a little of everything, since I was a Tech Artist, from start to finish. Everything but coding. Link to Facebook

Meredith Moulton- I'm Meredith, I graduated with the Chasm people, but also worked on Estefan, and Owned. I've been doing CFX (hair/cloth sim) for Sony Imageworks for almost 3 years now, I've worked on a bunch of feature animated movies (Hotel Transylvania 2, Angry Birds, Storks, Smurfs, and currently Hotel Transylvania 3) and I live in Vancouver, Canada! So if anyone has questions about CFX or relocating to a different country, or what working at Sony is like, let me know! Email is or you can message me on Facebook! Link to Facebook

Brant James Moon- I worked on PJ Gladiator and Kites. I've been a storyboard artist on a number of eclectic projects. Currently I'm freelancing on children's TV series. You can connect with me on LinkedIn: See LinkedIn

Joey Majdali- I graduated with the Estefan class. It was an amazing class and I'm humbled too have studied and worked with those talented people. I am a background artist in TV animation. I did random freelance for a while, including some BGs for Adventure Time. I am currently working in house at Titmouse. That rhymed because I guess I'm just cool like that. My email is, feel free to ask me questions and probably get a slow response!

Paige Stringham Treglown- I worked on Owned and a bunch of other projects, both films and games while I was at BYU. I currently work at Wildworks in Salt Lake. I'm a 3d Animator/Technical Artist on Animal Jam Web. I was able to land a internship there before graduating thanks to connections and hard work. In my free time I love to design games, both boardgames and videogames. If anyone needs portfolio help I'm willing to critique animation, fx animation, and playtest your games. Contact: Thanks!

Melinda Davidson-  I worked on PJ Gladiator. My specialties are: 3D character animation, storyboarding, character design, prop design, model sheets, texturing, UI design, game design, logo design, t-shirt design, illustration, comic books, kids books, comics, photography, merch design, also directing, management and producing. I worked at The Waterford Institute for the past 3.5 years on kids learning software. Now I am looking for freelance and contract work. Contact me on LinkedIn: See LinkedIn

Mitchell Ellis- I worked on Owned (even though I was part of the Illustration program, the branch of my program was more closely connected to the Animation program, yeah weird). After graduation I did some Background work at Bentobox Animation Atlanta. Then started to work primarily as a freelance artist taking on side jobs here and there. The most interesting freelance project I did was concept artwork for a Nintendo Switch game. In my freetime (which has been a lot these past days, lol) I draw goofy fantasy art always trying to sharpen my skills and get better. See Facebook

Liz Richards- I'm Liz Richards. I worked on Pajama Gladiator, Kites, and Lion and the Mouse. My emphasis was texturing with a heavy sidetrack into Set Design. I just finished up 7 years as an Imagineer and bounced around with effects animation, mural painting, blacklight design, concept art, production art, and physical sculpting. I left to pursue freelancing and I live in Burbank, CA. I can be reached at I'm always happy to answer any questions... Especially about the opportunities along the road less taken! Hope to see many of you at CTN.

Quay Mims- My graduation class was Chasm. I lit on multiple student films while at BYU. I'm currently a lighter / look dev artist and I've worked in commercials, animation features, VFX, TV. The studios I've been at include... Laika, Blue Sky, Real FX, Sony, Method, Digital Domain, Fuse FX. I'm willing to answer questions about the industry and give feedback on work. Email:

Carson McKay-  Heyo! I tried to work on Pajama Gladiator, did a little on Kites, and did a little more on X-ing. (I also did work for "The Lion and the Mouse" that was likely promptly thrown away.) I am currently at DWA, as a surfacer, ask me any questions you like, I can offer "student" notes or soul crushing notes if you want something more constructive. See Facebook

Raphael Tavares- My name is Raphael and I work at Blue sky studios as a shading/modeling artist. I've been here for 5 years. See Facebook

Koji Tsukamoto- Worked on Papa. Modeler at DreamWorks. Email me at

Chris Wasden- I graduated in Computer Science with the Animation Emphasis. I worked on Owned, Ram's Horn, and Papa, and I focused primarily on previz/layout and pipeline work during that time. I am currently working as an Asset TA at Lucasfilm Animation on Star Wars Rebels, mostly focused on layout asset creation/prep/rigging. Would love to help answer any questions, mostly from a tech/artist perspective! Connect with me on LinkedIn. See LinkedIn

Sam Bragg- I graduated in 2014 and worked on Estefan. I have worked on concept art for studios like Nickelodeon and Hasbro but only as a freelancer. I have also been a t shirt designer for 7 years. I have designed toys as well. My website is

Taylor Maw- I worked on Petshop while I was at BYU. I currently design cute little animals for National Geographic's Animal Jam.

Christopher Cherrington- Christopher here. I currently work for The Salt Lake Tribune, doing a bunch of art related graphics and such. I also do some freelance, both in 2D and 3D art. In the past I've worked at Microsoft on their Minecraft team as a 3D artist, and I've also worked in 3D printing. I also got my Master's up at the University of Utah's EAE video game design program. Feel free to email me with any questions
Here are some links to my work:

Ben Chung-Hoon- 2009 grad, worked on Lion and the Mouse, Kites, and X-ing. Currently working at Google doing VR. I too can help answer VR and tech industry related questions from an artist's perspective. See Facebook

Adam Sidwell- HI I'm Adam Sidwell. I was part of the Lemmings gang. I am currently Animation Director at a VR/AR company called WITHIN. We make cinematic VR experiences. As a storyteller, I wrote a few bestselling novels and founded a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Children's Book Publishing company that develops projects to pitch for TV and Film. I earned my cred in the trenches of VFX at Digital Domain, WETA, ILM and all those other shops for films like Tron, King Kong, I,Robot, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers. Come connect with me on LinkedIn to talk about story development, VR, VFX, or ice cream! See LinkedIn

Tyler Stott- Hey all... I was part of the Kites crew. I'm currently at Amazon Games Studio in Seattle. I'm primarily a character and concept artist. I also do a little bit of freelance work here n there. Feel free to contact me. Message me via facebook or linkedin. Link to Facebook, Link to LinkedIn

Gregory Walker- Modeler at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Did modeling for Taijitu. Facebook, LinkedIn, email is See Facebook

Dan Haring- Hey folks, I'm Dan Haring. I was on Las Pinatas and Pajama Gladiator. I do lighting and compositing, and have worked in feature and tv animation, as well as VFX on things like Tangled, Penguins of Madagascar, and Incredible Hulk. I'm now at The VOID doing VR stuff. I've also been doing freelance video production and motion graphics for a while. I'd be happy to chat about anything. Facebook me or email me at See Facebook

Wesley Tippetts- Hey! I was the writer and co-director of Owned. Storyboarded with Illumination Entertainment for around 2 years. Now I do concept art for Raven Software. You can hit me up on Linkedin. See LinkedIn

Matt Leishman- Hello all, I'm Matt Leishman. I'm currently at DWA as a character effects artist. I graduated in 2000, so I wrapped up my time there prior to the animation program's first days. BUT, I did a little work on Rupert (if anyone ever sees the earlier nonsense we tried to slog through when learning Maya v1.0). Anything else you wanna know about me you can easily find on linkedin here: See my LinkedIn. I'm always open to chat and answer questions, so feel free to reach out.

Landon Price-  I worked on Papa. Currently working for General Motors as a CG generalist. As well as VR development for VRED and Unreal Engine 4., or find me on linked in :) hit me up wheneva. See LinkedIn

Ryan Goldsberry- I worked on Petshop. I currently work as an animator and illustrator at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. I also do illustrations and graphic design for Fowers Games. See Instagram

Christina Skyles-  Hey! I'm Christina. I directed Bothered and worked on Owned, Estefan and Alight. I currently work as a pixel artist at Serenity Forge. I can be contacted through Facebook or on Twitter through: Link to TwitterYou can also e-mail me at! I like giving longwinded advice on art, so hit me up if you want some!

AJ Creek- Hey I'm AJ. I worked on Butcher'd Meats, Estefan, Chasm, and Owned for senior films. I also helped start the BYU game program (Boss Arena and a little of Relic Hunter). I worked for a bit at Stereo D in Toronto, and at a tech startup, now I'm doing freelance VR games and 3D art and rigging. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Mountain Dew, and miss my bros Emiliano, Wesley, Jeff, Susan, and Garrett from all those late lab nights. See Facebook

Garrett Hoyos- I graduated in 2015 and worked on Ram’s Horn. Had the chance of working on Estefan, Chasm, & Owned as well. I interned at GM, Disney Interactive, Blue Sky, and then worked at Mr X Toronto as a houdini artist. Currently a CG Generalist in 3DSMax at Picture Shop Burbank working on TV shows. Email is feel free to reach out anytime. I love helping students.

Landon Graham- Year 2015 for me too! Currently a Character TD at Dreamworks. On campus I was involved with Rams Horn, Owned, and a lot of Motion Graphics projects for BYUtv after the new broadcasting building was built. I was part of the '13 PUP program at Pixar, then did a little at Avalanche, and a lot of freelance work before getting hired as a CharTD here at DW. Fundamentals of rigging are so important so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help wrapping your head around rigging! I was mentored and helped so much during school; I hope I can pay it forward to other awesome hard working students!

Tom Mikota- I am an OG Lemmings guy, I've worked at most major studios (Rhythm, Animal Logic, Weta, Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Pixomondo) on a bunch of academy award winning and nominated stuff. I've worked in various supervisory positions (VFX Supervisor, CG supervisor, department head etc...) and as an artist consider myself a lighter and shader writer. I have experience with startups, and love talking to people about the "business" of art. I now call FSU my home, teach there and do consulting for film & game studios on the side. I'm working on a potentially open source pipeline project (at least free for freelancers & schools), and i'm deeply involved with VR\AR. For this kind of stuff contact through linked in is preferred. See LinkedIn

Emiliano Leon- Hey guys, Emiliano here. Graduated in 2015, my films were Bothered and Ram's Horn. I'm currently working at a small advertising studio in Cincinnati called Epipheo as a 2D animator. I also enjoy long walks on the beach with AJ Creek. You can reach me via my email ( or Facebook, and follow me on Instagram @EmilianoDraws. Feel free to ask questions!

Susan Hatton- I graduated in 2014. I worked on Owned as a Rendering TD and Ram's Horn as a Rigging TD. I Interned at Sony Vancouver for the IPAX internship, I currently work for Pixar on the Toy Story 4 Tailoring team. :) You can contact me by email at and also Vimeo (Link here). I have linkedin but I rarely look at it TBH. I love helping students and friends, feel free to drop me a line!


Don't see your name here (or want to update your info)? Message Brent at or Seth at and let them know that you want to be on the Stay Connected page. Provide any links/contact info/text/updates you would like to include. Thanks!