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The Talent Award Scholarship

The Department of Visual Arts Talent Award is a tuition award and is based upon the quality and caliber of student work. The Talent Award is available for incoming, transfer, and continuing students in the Department of Visual Arts. Awards are deposited into the students university account and not given as cash awards.


The granting of a Talent Award does not mean a student is admitted to the University. All University admission requirements must be met before an award can be granted.

The student must be registered for a minimum number of credit hours during the semesters/terms for which the award is granted. Fall/Winter - 14 hours each semester; Spring/Summer - 6 hours each term.

General Information

The deadline for Talent Award applications can be found at

Applicants are required to submit online ( Create a SlideRoom account and fill out the Talent Awared application. The Portfolio should contain no more than 10 figure drawing images. Also, the portfolio should contain one maximum 30- second animation sample.

The Talent Award is for the next academic year only (i.e., Spring/Summer terms and Fall/Winter semesters). Please indicate the semester for which you are applying on the Talent Award Application form. You may indicate more than one semester.

Talent Awards are not renewable. You should reapply for a Talent Award each December for the following academic year.

Students may only receive up to $295 in addition to any full tuition scholarship that is offered by the university. If a student receives a partial tuition scholarship from the university, it is understood that the combined total amount of award monies received from the university and the department cannot be more than semester tuition plus $295. The amount of the award from the department will be reduced in order to comply with university policy. Students should not petition the university or the department for exception to this policy.

Please be aware that money CANNOT be transferred between Spring/Summer terms and Fall/Winter semesters. If you receive an award for Spring/Summer term you should plan on attending school during that time.

Results of the Talent Award review are announced via mail during the first week of April.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Occasionally, there may be other scholarships available on a per-year basis. This will change depending on what organizations, donors, or other opportunities are involved. Keep your eyes and ears out for news each year. You can ask a faculty member about any scholarship opportunities, watch for email announcements from the BYU Design Department, and watch for flyers posted in the HFAC and Talmage.

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