How to Apply


The Animation major has a limited enrollment. We strongly advise you to have an alternative plan available so that you can continue to progress on the path of academic excellence in the event that you are not accepted.

ATTENTION:  The DEADLINES to submit your application to the Animation program are April 1 for all new applicants and August 1  for transfer students and applicants that have been specifically invited to re-apply. 


Step 1

Declare pre-animation as your major. To do this stop by room D-444 of the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center) and ask ask the secretary to change your records to "Pre-animation." If you cannot stop by, email them at or call them at (801) 422-3777. You will need to provide the secretary with your name and student number.

Step 2

Complete the following prerequisite classes:

CSAnm 150



Step 3


To get to the Application please follow these steps:
a)    Go to this website from the BYU Homepage.  
b)    Click on "Apply Online"
c)    This takes you to the Slideroom account site. 
d)    Create a Slideroom Account, if you do not have one, to access the application.
e)     Please call Sonya at 801-422-8773 for any and all questions about this process.
Once at the application follow these 3 steps:
1. Animation Questions step:
- Answer all questions
2. Add Media Step:
- Five to ten figure drawings

- One animation sample (preferably 2D traditional animation) from DESAN 160 as a Quicktime movie (60 MB limit)
- 2 - 5 3D images (3D computer graphic) created in CSAnm 150
- Up to six samples of other artistic work - photos, sculptures, paintings etc.
- Cover letter (PDF format)
- Transcript (PDF format)
- Photo of applicant
Physical sketchbook must be sent or delivered separately to:
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602
3. Complete submission Step:
Follow directions and get a confirmation message such as:

“Congratulations on finishing your application to the Animation Area of the Department of Visual Arts. You should expect to hear back from us within four weeks of the deadline. Thank You!”