The creative and academic rigor of the animation program is intended to provide students with the skill sets necessary for success in the animation, live-action, special effects, and game industry with emphasis on both the artistic and technological avenues. Coursework in the program thus insists upon a sound understanding of and skill in design, composition, storytelling, and current software packages used in the industry today. For prospective majors, prerequisite emphasis is placed on drawing the human figure, visual storytelling and sketchbooking from life.

At BYU every student accepted into the animation program is offered the opportunity to be mentored by the faculty from each of the departments that participate in the program. In addition to this considerable human resource made available to students, the program also makes accessible multiple traditional and computer animation labs that run the latest industry standard hardware and software. The Interactive Reality Auditorium, a virtual reality screening room capable of displaying images in 3-D through the use of dual projectors and polarized glasses, is also used for industry and student presentations as well as advanced student critiques. The program's remarkable intellectual and technological resources, when partnered with demanding interdisciplinary coursework, generate students who spark inquiry in the development of production and achieve critical and financial success in the industry.