Recruit from BYU Animation

Every year, we have several very talented juniors and seniors that are qualified for internships and hires. We would be delighted for you to speak with the BYU Animation faculty members for recommendations on our most extraordinary students this year. Even if you have never recruited here before, we would love for you to come and interview our students, give a presentation, or simply tour our program. To learn more about how we run our program and why our students are so skilled in teamwork and problem solving, click here. You may also enjoy looking at these examples of our student work!

Please contact Brent Adams (the Department Head) to set up a visit or get student recommendations. You can email him at or give him a call at (801) 422-4504. You may see his and the other faculty's more detailed contact information here. We look forward to meeting with you!


Join our current recruiters and mentors:


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